Adventure in BevMo!


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we here looking for a special Russian drink so let go look on the fuckin weirdos so I looking for the soda pump it up for the one the buses are under age and we should have been doing this I think to the puck interesting that the way I like a trader branch um your brains at one point in pink title yeah frantic am like okay Oh 805 805 a tough on my ass oh oh you so into alcohol huh where they go oh here they are oh yeah probably so my homeboy russki right here actually prefer that book yeah Shirley Temple you know what the carrier on the head five years dad old fashioned the five year plan babe I go ok there is a history references oh no man i know it truly Tankian cheerwine you they have baking soda mer over there it right next to peanut and jelly yeah where the air Oh Bacon chocolate this is ok i swear by anything from my cuzzo residue of that whatever Wow other words if you like what do you want