Refrigerator Testing - Moisture Retention


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so another major test for fruits performance is moisture retention now that in reference to produce fruits and vegetables that you put into the crisper or vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge section and we want to make sure that it does what it supposed to do that it actually going to keep the moisture in and keep your vegetables crisp and fresh and we ready for your salads so what we have are these little foam balls they they essentially fake vegetables and what we do is we have this scale here I going to put this little container in and reset it to zero so we can get an accurate weight reading of this little green ball here okay so it about five grams of weight what we do is we put that weight into our spreadsheets here and it tell us how much water we need to add now for about five grand we going to add 50 grams of water get this regular tap water here and reset the weight so we know how much rad and very carefully we add water that about 50 so we then reset the scale so we can