Final Cut Pro (FCPX) on 2018 Macbook Pro 13" i5 vs 2016 MacBook Pro 13" i7


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so I gonna show you the difference between the i7 2016 16 gig ram and the new 2018 eye 5 8 gig ram we gonna render a 4k video from my maverick drone and see how long it is in comparison because I can show you the numbers but you know without really understanding in comparison how much faster is it won really help there about a 4 minute 30 second video double check here it for a minute 36 seconds so we gonna show you not only for 2018 but I gonna compare it to also the 2016 i7 sorry so I gonna show you now I disabled the background rendering now I going to add a quick effect let see okay it doesn really matter so we gonna add the same effect here we gonna add a distortion let say actually you know what let do something easy it was doing aged so let go to all this is aged aged film Music aged film so I gonna add this effect to the video on both now the next step will be to render it at 4k so we gonna do a destination export file so in an