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Today we 39 ll be taking a quick look at the SportRack Spare Tire Mounted 3 Bike Rack part number SR2813 This spare tire mounted rack allows you to carry three bikes on the back of your vehicle and if you can see the lock core on this knob it does come with two identical locking knobs to secure the bike rack and your bikes to the vehicle You can see when it is locked the bike will spin freely so that you can 39 t or no one can actually loosen up and remove this bolt and take the bike rack off of the vehicle Also moving up to the outermost cradle on the rack is a second locking knob When the knob is locked it will freely spin so that you won 39 t be able to loosen up the knob and undo these plates therefore removing the bikes from the rack They use a rubber grooved plate that 39 s going to go over the top tube of the bike They also rotate individually to accommodate different bike styles and different bike sizes especially bikes with alternative frames and also women 39 s step through frames that