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by the time the credits rolled on crackdown 3 solo campaign I taken my agent from slim jumpsuit wearing respawn to tank throwing heavily element badass by the colorful of bombastic mediums of controlled mayhem and wanton destruction I switched bodies two dozen times collected 400 of the 750 jelly orbs on offer and take down more bosses in mech suits than I care to remember but and this is crucial I had a ridiculous amount of fun doing it crackdown 3 is arguably 5 years late to its own party arriving to find that everyone already leaving the DJ is bladdered and there no sausage rolls left the weird thing is that it doesn seem to care and it instead stubbornly insisting on making its own fun cranking the music back up and dancing like there no tomorrow it all but ignores the misfiring 2nd game instead presenting what amounts to a straight up remake of the 2007 original the agency finest led by Terry Crews enthusiastic and Marley psychotic commander Jackson are attacked in the opening cutscene as a biological weapon donates over the city spreading deadly toxins an organization called Terra Nova soon steps in to take