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okay here a potentiometer outside of the throttle housing but basically all you need to do to clean this it really small so it really hard to see but there this black ring right here you push that black ring out and this disc will come out once that disc is out and you pop it out here for you you all right I go although I broke the rest of the wires off once that disc is out do you see let me push them into the light here there are here a strip of metal on the on this disc you basically just want to leave that alone don bother with this inside here however there is a ring in there and that ring right now is pretty black it full of grease basically all you going to want to do is take a q tip and swap it out get all that extra grease off of it and that it get the grease out you clearly see that there are tracks you want to be careful not to rub too hard because you can actually rub the tracks right off but you know you don have to