Real Avid Bore Boss Pull Through Cleaning Solution


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hey guys I here again to share with you another one of real avid innovative gun cleaning products this is the boar boss a completely self contained pull through gun cleaning solution intended for infield uses the case that holds your cleaning line has made it super durable and rugged materials let make it very versatile on how and where you can store it so whether it in your pocket in your pack or if it just thrown on the floor or your truck you can be sure that it going to keep your rope in line and brushing everything clean and intact and ready for whatever you might need it okay so I going to go ahead and give you a quick run through a whoop inside and how to use it very simple so all you do is you roll back this rubber that exposes your wines including mine itself just pull through go ahead and pull this rubber back over here but here your cleaning line with compose of your mop a brass cleaner here and then it coated stainless steel cable which is pretty stiff with this metal ball on the end of it so it