Burns & McCoy "Devorandum" Cherry & Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce Review


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Music Laughter Music you Music hey guys how it going it Bill Moore hope I think I have a really hot one for you guys today this is the brand new release from mr J Turner of burns and McCoy located in Fort Collins Colorado now you know what seems to be all the rage right now with chilly heads is just finding the hottest all natural non extradition peppers and this is Jay Turner new dev random from Burns and McCoy this is a cherry and Trinidad scorpion hot sauce just check out that awesome label guys that definitely an eight pack not a six pack when you say just a really cool looking label on here nicely done just first class all the way just check that out that one badass label in it from Burns and McCoy now this is the fourth release in his wrath of the Gods series and I do believe that debe random means devourer now Jay did have this tested he does believe that it is tested a little bit hotter than his ex caress Co which was made with seven puff primo peppers and black garlic and using yuzu juice which