The Autocar India Show: Renault Fluence in India


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well as sample Ramos second innings in the Indian market they going to be going solo this time around and they have a brave new plan for the Indian market which involves five new cards to be launched in the next year and a half but starting off with Reno all new image which is bold more luxurious is this new car they an affluence and this is the one we going to be test driving today to see what it like when you look at the fluence you realize that this isn some cutting edge futuristic restyled car it isn geometric or plain either what it is is stylish well you can expect anything else after all it is French the face is easy to remember you take one glance at it and you be able to close your eyes and recall exactly how the headlamps sweep up and back all the while the slim grill sits pinned in between them there a manliness to it just look at the beefy veal arches the smooth belt line flows a long way back into the boot follow the long tail lights to the rear and you see a high boot