Review: Pocket Casts for Android


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what going on everyone Jack here from tech junkie reviews and today I going to be doing a review of the app pocket casts which cost two pounds 49 or three ninety nine dollars from the google play store so basically what this app does it takes all your podcast feeds and combines it into a single manager player and discovery tool so now i going to give you a tour of the app and then tell you whether it worth your money so the first tab is podcasts in this tab shows you all the different podcasts you are subscribed to so for a demonstration of adding a podcast I going to unsubscribe from roosterteeth podcast then if i search for roosterteeth that shows up all the podcasts they produce including the one I want to subscribe to as you can see it all laid out in a very appealing user interface now let move on to the discovery tab here as all the podcasts are popular and recommended by the app developers the tabs within this are featured trending top top videos networks and categories all these options make it really easy for you to find a new