EA Sports MMA - Review of the Gameplay Changes.


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ok guys this poop Irwin and I going to do a little my thoughts on the EA MMA patch the reason for making this video is to better the game and to keep the game as good as it can possibly be and to keep it as balanced as it can possibly be because as Preston said himself in the post about regarding this patch that they want to make the most balanced game possible ok so with that said next I going to be showing some examples from fights and explaining kind of what how I feel about the game now after this patch but first I want to talk about the pros and cons well I mean what the pros and cons are for the stand up in the ground game after this patch for the stand up the pros of what they did it was they pretty much eliminated spamming you can really spam at all and also what they did is they made it a slower pace it not as fast you can just go in there and you know swinging like crazy but on the con side the major Khan i have with the stand