Video Lighting: Flo vs LED vs Tungsten--Pros and Cons of Each Video Light


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in this episode let talk about the three main types of lights for video that going to be your LED fluorescent and tungsten and there are pros and cons to each of them so let look at those pros and cons so that when you making your next purchase decision on lighting you be well informed and be able to make a good choice before the type of shooting that you doing check this out as I said there are pros and cons to each of the three types of lights let quickly look at each of the three types of lights for those of you who don have a lot of time and then for those of you that want to stick around we go and take an in depth look of the color rendering between those three types of lights to see the practical differences first let look at florescent there are lots of pros here again lots of output cool operating temperature of reasonable power requirements are can be tripping circuits the colors okay if you get the very best bulbs there are various color temp and their reasonable price options as well on the con side