KaVo ARCUSdigma: Articulator Programming with arbitrary Axis


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Music optionally the ARCA stigma can offer articulator calculations and the upper jaw model transfer with the arbitrary axis please buy down I place the lower measuring bow on the para occlusal spoon carry out the measurement and remove the bow the indicator pin is inserted into the left receptacle of the measuring Bowl thereby pointing to the left arbitrary hinge axis point the position measurement is carried out and the indicator pin is then repositioned to the right side of the bowl thus the right arbitrary hinge axis point is shown and the measurement carried out Music subsequently the indicator pin is inserted into the center position and the measurement of the infraorbital point is carried out thereby all reference points have been measured which displayed the reference plane for the transfer of the view point the bite fork suited to this arbitrary face book has already been placed into position on the patient and the clamp to fasten the bite fall and face bow to each other is affixed the access pointers are now aligned and fixed on both sides of the arbitrary hinge axis points here by the position of the arbitrary axis point in relation to