Jordan 21 Red Italian Suede


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Music all right my name is Justin I back with another picker this time it from Poshmark keep the peas Jordan 21 the radar telling us weights and this is one of my grill shoes I been after this for I think maybe four or five years let me try to get a pair and I kept seeing them for around the 400 month and I seen one that was 88 one time but it soared up before I pick it up and I was on eBay though suede was real beat on those so that probably why they pick him up the same instant that I seen him but I seen these and the seller had a month at like 1 30 so I didn want to pay that much so I waited and then they went down a price and he kept dropping in and drop them so he hit a hundred he stopped that what hot people and they in pretty decent shape their sweaters are kids to suffer and issues are extremely treatable Music only thing missing is a venom from with the original box of the extra heal cards are coming in and the little