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hey beauties this is Sam from instant Beauty today I just want to talk about damaged extensions sometimes just like your own hair extensions can become dry and damaged tangled you know just through the use of hot styling tools and just overtime so today I just gonna talk to you about how to repair this you know hopefully it not too late and then how to prevent this from happening human hair extensions are just like your own hair so if they are mistreated or not taken care of properly they can become dry brittle and damaged so it is important to repair them if you would like to keep using them there are a couple of things you can do to bring your extensions back to life if your extensions are very brittle and they have a lot of split ends you can use a hot oil treatment to repair them the hot oil treatment will seal the cuticles and repair the split ends there are many brands of hot oil treatments that you can find at any drugstore or if you visit your local salon you should be sure to find something that will help repair the