NVIDIA SHIELD: How To Install ADB / Fastboot Drivers (Windows 8)


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I went to use moto chopper to see if it would route my Nvidia shield and it I been having issues with drivers well apparently figure the Nvidia shield shield Android development and then this Universal naked driver thread I show you that real quick you just go down here and it by one way Johnny so shout out to him I go down here and you just press download this I already did that it is in my downloads folder I will show you there you go uh Universal naked drivers you just take that and you extract it and others are motor chopper thing I have moved those to my desktop which is right here so I got the amd64 in the i386 I going to show you what happens when I plug in my Nvidia shield to my computer ah I have USB debugging enabled on my shield you go to menu settings about shield or whatever and then you keep tapping on the build number until it says you are now developer back out and you should see developer options so when I plug in my shield it says this shield and then when I go