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hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I going to be sharing with you my favorite bottle for my eight month old son now if you are new to my channel this is your first time seeing me hi my name is Christine and I am a mom of a two and a half year old and an 8 month old so today we gonna talk about the doctor Browns natural flow bottle these are amazing before I started using the doctor Browns bottles I used the medela bottles that came with my pump and it came with one nipple and a screw top and I used that for maybe like the first two weeks and I noticed that the flow was very very fast on these nipples and my son who the first almost the first week was completely breastfed so it seemed like his he was getting definitely way too much at a time when he was sucking so he ended up choking a lot and getting a lot of berms so I wanted to try the dr Brown bottles now when I had my first my daughter we had the small version of the dr Brown