Phenovelnoms - Harry Potter, Pumpkin Pasties, and Butter Beer!


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hi it me and you watching another episode of phenomenom and today we gonna make things that are good enough wizard Oh phenomena doo doo doo doo gonna have it up dude but do you but you chicken today we have to talk about Harry Potter the what I about Harry Potter is you know therefore the fantasy and it good they great stories about relationships and struggle and all that grades up and triumphs over evil but what even better about those books to me was the fact that it got a nation of children to read I mean we had books that I loved when I was a kid but nothing quite so dynamic and so like worldwide you just the excitement over it they got kids that maybe wouldn have picked up a book to read this great stories about harry potter and its friends i know that there two things that are eaten and drank in the book over and over and over again and one of them is the pumpkin pasties that are sold at the the food truck and at the school and the other one is the butterbeer and i know that they