5 Things I HATE About MY MR2 Still Love Her Though (3SGTE)


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Music Bluetooth mode Bluetooth is connected oh you rat you know I been thinking about doing one of these updates on you know five things that I hate about my mr2 so instead of doing something long and drawn out and orchestrated I can probably run down that list really quickly okay so a start number one number one thing that I hate about my mr2 and I wouldn necessarily say this is a top five list this is just five things that I don like about my mr2 and this is specifically my mr2 not everybody mi just mine one of the things specifically that I don like about my mr2 is all the rattles that I have now it pretty hard to hunt down all the rattles one at a time it one of those things I kind of dedicating the time to doing but it just taking a lot of time you know you be driving the car one day and and you get like a little suspension Creek noise or you get like a little loose sounds like a loose rivet in the door card that kind of rattles around just annoys you that like one