Mark Knopfler - Gibson Custom '58 Les Paul (Official Interview | Part 2)


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I wanted one of these guitars since I was very very young young teenager really I had pestered my poor old dad for years about getting hold of one and he never could afford him I afraid at that time so I had to make do with something else of course you know is the way but there nothing wrong with waiting for the good things in life as soon as I got my hands on the 58 you know I pressed it into service immediately it was so such a step up from everything that I known before in terms of these things and I had a I had one from the 70s and it was just never the same thing you know I had to mess around with it a bit and I was very excited about her for my first last ball you know but as soon as I I got it I realized it was on a different level altogether what I used to do with the 58 on stage was that just look at it and then give it give it a little kiss like that because they are such great things to play now