AMD Radeon HD 7970M CrossFireX Install in Alienware M18X by Eurocom


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all right this is going to be our follow up video to the installation of 279 7tms in am 18 XR 1 so we start by installing the secondary card before you guys do this make sure that you have proper ESD grounding and are using the right tools for the job in this case a small phillips screwdriver some thermal paste and you may need a small flat screwdriver for disassembling when you getting ready to put the second card in the system you need to make sure that the crossfire cable is properly connected to the card prior to installing it you won have room if you wait till after note that there a small arrow on the top of the crossfire connector it may be difficult to see in the video it important that this arrow is facing towards you when you install it if you install it the other way around you risk damaging your card and your crossfire will not work so when inserting a pardon to the system insert it at an angle press down and then allow the card flat it secured by two screws once the cards been secured take your heatsink