NFL New Orleans Saints 2017 Offseason Review


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hello everybody and welcome to counter sports top this is the second time I made this video because I based off of Louisiana and most people know that because most people who watch my videos know me but I usually make my videos in the car and my phone overheated because it really hungry Anna so today we going to be talking about the Saints and how all I feel like they doing so far in the offseason so why do I think of their dropkicks I really like their draft picks at least the first two so Marshall a lot more really like that take that a guy who I wanted us to pick up and then uh most people didn like Ron Ram chip I really liked him a lot of people wanted another cornerback war or a d end by my opinion we didn we shouldn have taken another quarterback because there a good chance that Malcolm Boehm a son with us next season like there he was a he was off to being traded to the st psyche already have the contract followed out and everything but the Train never happened and then uh if we