WordPress Post Formats Tutorial


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in this wordpress tutorial we will learn about a feature named post formats I think the best way to understand what a post format is is to begin by looking at the problem that post formats were designed to solve so throughout this series we been building a basic theme and all of our posts look nearly identical to one another they all use the exact same colors and layout and typography and spacing now if we lived in a world where the only content we would ever post is a standard news article or blog post that a ok but that not the world we live in we will typically want to post simply a status update or in other words a quick blurb of text that doesn need a title or perhaps we want to link to an external website and we want that link or post to be styled differently than our self authored content or maybe we want to add an image or a photo gallery and we want it to use a black background so the photos really pop so the general idea that I getting at here is that if we posting different types