Starbucks Secret Menu: Banana Chocolate Chip Frappuccino


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hey guys Brittany here and today I got a banana chocolate chip frappuccino but I did change it a little bit from how it is on menu based on how i feeling so anyway um i just got at all but i asked him to put it in a bigger cup because again if you order a frappuccino with a banana blended and you always ask for a bigger cup because the it gives it the banana gives it more volume and they have to like throw a bunch Frappuccino down the sink if you don ask for bigger so there your tips today anyway the original secret menu recipe is for a vanilla bean frappuccino and Java chips and a banana blended it well I kind of tired you know it exhausting being 24 for the last time because tomorrow is my birthday so I got a cafe vanilla frappuccino with the Java chips annabanana blooded it so it is so good I know that cafe vanilla change the flavor some from the regular vanilla vanilla bean but it got that coffee pick me up I needed and it tastes really really good it got a little bit of