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what up gamers my name is JC baby I welcome to a game called wreck fest or next car game I believe is called I think this is still in early access I not quite sure it pretty fun I mean it just like a really good smash them up destruction derby so you pretty much upgrade your cars buy new cars play as freaking a a lot more riding one more that pretty cool right so we gonna go an All American muscle car very nice car and we going to do and you just a regular instruction der we then we go into a race that still Stadium one mud pit yeah like a muppet let go my pit last night and we have the max opponents which is 23 whether it be sunset difficulty driving sure we go easy shifting automatic abs picture this is good so pretty much you just smash crash and make sure that you are the last one standing go the cards again we all going hit on a chilly here we go shoot Oh am I I love going to smash up your lease or construction girlies whatever you want to call