Air Jordan 1 Low 'Royal' Sneaker Review


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what up everybody retro Snickers here back headshot the new video and today video is gonna be a review on the air jordan royal blue lows I a really big fan of the lows which I also happen to have the bred lows as well I think these shoes are hella dope and today I gonna give you a better look at them and I also gonna be doing a little bit of a comparison between the bred lows and the royal lows so yeah let get into it alright so starting off with the box as you can see we have that vintage jordan box this is the box you usually get when you cop the highs nothing new on the box at least I don think so you know same old box something I may not know is that with the bread lows they actually gave you that like standard new you know just black Jordan box with the gold young man alright so let get into the review right here the receipt retail was 130 what taxes came out to be 140 here the tissue paper just regular white tissue paper and here are the shoes so