LoL Surprise Doll Tins Unboxing and Review


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hi guys welcome to the channel today let open it up oh my god so this is Music and this looks like Pam I think these girl this girl hair colors pink and then we have the other girls Music that later it has this so it shows that there a baby and a girl Music Laughter Music so now we open this this is pink Music Laughter Music the battle big mess instead of a little one so we have this heel you fall and I think it is the grilled inside I gonna go fill my water while you guys left break it open my pearl mean what it sizes 3 bit what is big one is small and one is so let open the big one first and it very slippery from Oh guys so this is the big girl we got and let open this and here it good baby and I ask you what the best last one and the last one where it rip the last one is a shirt for the baby no it for the her sister okay guys so let take out the first one let open it we got pants