Arm & Hammer Crystal Burst Laundry Power Paks


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a my legion how y doing it Sunday and usually around here things are real slow on Sunday my dad just sleeps all day pretty much or gets up and watch baseball and then you know I kind of unwind and chill out and get ready for the next day which be sorry of another work week Wow and I wanted to do something now this is not not not not not a food review this is a laundry product review and this is the product I gonna have to buy more this student because you know I do my shopping on a Friday or Saturday depending on me but usually on Friday and this is the armor hammer crystal burst laundry power packs and this has the power of oxy I clean stain cleaning fighters in it and it four and one a deep cleaning micro crystals remove tough stains brightens and whitens and no measuring like single use laundry pad I show you what it looks like like I said this is usually around 3 a 350 at Dollar General because double generals like the main in Albion that like our main that our department store they caught