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but up it got a package from an Lester Showtime car audio that man man I so busy I was to miss my package just run a UPS with the bike barely fit got it in my saddlebag my heart bag see what were you happy mr dead buster and I let it go man appreciate him we invited a little bit of equipment room well my guys got a couple Z off of him how many first ones that he made sign them for dad Josh Manor Hayden got them but we got some super tweeter some horns Raiders a dome two of them x x t 20s hold on Isaac hold on Isaac let go say hi to YouTube speakers we got the zenith series the XT 20s on a 50 watt peak power I think they hunter on RMS titanium compression horn tweeters XT 20s cadence audio cadence sound okay this is that your friend a daycare you know these are cadence speakers it not your friend cadence kind of the same though okay get a book little packets cannons with head start now like your sister Natalie in head start how old is Natalie oh yeah