Duel 2000 Part 5 com­e­dy Spoof Re­make based on Steven Spiel­berg 1st film Du­el


— Handwritten subtitles — Generated subtitles

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oh girl put your face down oh okay okay it a man he the one I just wanna why you handcuffing me I didn do anything wrong it hey like telling you it him what are you getting one more psycho off the highway now if I were to search this vehicle I don suppose I would find any contraband in it would I oh no sir everything I carry I have permits for I like to see those permits sure there you go oh yes Franklin and grant I know them well they good guys so how that new jet skier in it oh it running great man you know what a matter of fact I still get out this weekend oh did I have a blast cool no this is this is quite a nice car you got here you know it really be a shame for for you to get in a wreck and ruin it you know some crazy guy would hit you or something yeah you know that guy that the same guy that was in a bar there that a scepter and started picking a fight with me knocked my hat off and everything