Ink Review: Akkerman #29 Hofvijver Grijs Ink


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well hey there you on the internet I have some free time and welcome to the triple n Network where all your newbie noob nerds can find all the news you need let look at an ink today shall we now today ink I got from my wonderful mysterious benefactor so it not in that fancy Ackerman bottle but it aukerman number 29 it a gray now everyone brace your ears cuz I going to completely murder this Huff juice bit of grease which means hot bitches bur gray I don know what hostages for is but yeah so obviously there another bottle it usually comes in but maybe I try and show it to you in the bottle this is probably the most genuine gray like straight grey that I have yet to encounter which I will try and demonstrate by showing you this so here puff just for a gray which for now I just gonna call number 29 to spare all of our ears you see how that just a straight gray like here is graphite and you can see how it sort of leans towards like a it got some green in it right this really