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Music the Volvo s90 is due to launch here next Martin I drove it a couple of months ago in Spain and I came away feeling that this was not a car to get your pulse racing but it was one that definitely knew how to calm it down its focus is very clear that comfort and luxury and on those counts it really impressed me well what we have to see is in our indian conditions and with the engine in a slightly different state of tune because I drove a different one there can it do the same Music well to begin with it really doesn look like the Volvos we know those strong Volvo haunches give way to a sleeker more sculpted rear and though it has a lot going on with the inset for the logo the cuts and creases and the C shaped taillights I really like the rear because it is so different the side has a coupie like profile and a strong shoulder line that goes straight across from bonnet to boot it sits on 18 inch to 45 45 tires and what lends it the luxury feel is the fact that the