John Plays the Kendall and Kylie Jenner Game (Ep. 1)


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hello and welcome to Kendall and Kylie my name is John Green and I going to attempt to play Kendall and Kylie iPhone game this of course Kendall and Kylie Jenner two young women with whom I am actually acquainted they went to both The Fault in Our Stars and the Paper Towns premiere some very nice girls and now I gonna figure out I think since this woman has an exclamation point coming out of her mouth I gonna click on that Debbie says this is your room it isn much but where else are you gonna find someone willing to let you rent without cash up front I gonna say I don know now this room may be small but it not that small you can swipe to the left and right to see more of what around don mind the mess why don you give it a try this appears to have been written for a third to fourth graders which come to think of it it probably was okay I gonna yep swipe around oh here my clothing I love clothing can i there my desk hi can I go to my computer I like to