Nike Air Huarache Triple Black Review.


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hello Richie peso TV here and I here to do a video of one of my favorite pairs of trainers ever and that the Mariachi now you probably wondering these are the Nike Raja triple black and these are my favorite colorways hands down in these particular pairs of trainers forty years I had about 15 pairs of this particular color yeah I got a lot of them still I got all of them in my around my house here somewhere but these are my current one the only purchase were a week ago and I decided to do a review on it and yeah so like I said these are the night Karachi and as you can see I got them in UK size 9 and 1 2 and the only other color that I like in these particular trainers that I purchased in these particular trainers is um it the ones that were called I think mangle and silver and the so here was mango and for the summertime was gorgeous I went to Miami last year and I got their love from the ladies with him but those are kind of hard to find them the comma