Harley BooM! Audio iPod Interface


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so one of the things that I think we been I been hearing more and more is everybody wants to be able to control the iPod through a harley davidson deck and finally harley davidson has answered the call and came out with this interface here that allows you to directly control it three factories a new factory Anna Boch controls and you know pull the data out of your iPod charging at the same time endless hours of listening phone or iPod estates charged often yeah I proud to say that I believe we are leading the motorcycle industry of these since terms of iPod interface we know what customers want we delivering here so they can use an iPod and the Nano for instance we ever had an issue in terms of battery life but that a big issue for time I touch boomers and they going dead a couple hours discharging functions our big deal also so you get interface on the radio and the hand controls sterling through your artisan songs and charters while you right