Genius DX-ECO ECO-Friendly Battery-Free BlueEye Mouse Review


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this video is sponsored by clip flip you can take a look at their website at WWE flip com hey guys seven interview of the DX eco 2 4 gigahertz battery free blue I mouse by genius now before we get into the review of the amounts i would like to show you what else will be getting in the package so starting with the left hand side you will be getting a nicely sized user manual just to give you some information regarding the mouse now right here you will be getting your USB to micro USB cable this is a pretty nicely sized cable and this will be needed to charge your mouse and as i mentioned in the title this is a battery free mouse so you simply plug in micro USB end into here and the other end into your computer your USB adapter whatever you want and it will charge in only three minutes and that very very that very very fast only three minutes charge time from dead too full and as it does sound good there is a flaw that goes along with it so it may sound like it great three minutes