Ozobots Bit and Evo: Smart Robots That Teach Coding and Creativity


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hi my name is Laura I a sixth grade teacher and I on a mission to get all of my students excited about coding and computer science knowing that 80 of all jobs require technical skills by 2020 I want to prepare them for whatever industry they choose luckily I found ozobot small smart robots that teach kids how to code Oh savant makes two different box fits an EVO today I going to break down what bit Evo can do and how they make coding cool this is ozobot fit this small smart robot measures in at one cubic inch and can fit the child hand or pocket I been using bit in my classroom since it was released in 2014 fit uses sensors to see colors when I draw a red line and place it on the line that will turn red like this when I placed it on the line with short sequences of colors then use the color codes and response click this blue green red an extra boost code speed spits up red green red green the tornado code makes bits pin these color codes introduce basic programming concepts but because there a creative side