Living in Japan - Sake in Tetra Packs


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hey to is the ones of you that have kids probably have given them at some point of time like a like a Sunkist orange juice tetra pak carton something like that to school or whatever so they can drink or to go to picnics or these kind of things on any of this tetra pak carton in Japan that is used for other kinds of drinks sake sake in a tetra Tech and it has a straw isn amazing now i will try this now and see how it is this one actually has 180 milliliters in there and yeah it a standard tetra pak you see the little opening open thingy here does it go sharp yeah it goes in focus we go and yeah if you look at the package now this guy doesn look too happy that could be a cup of reasons first of all doesn let go of that socket so it means it good secondly maybe it I don know I want to take this sake with me on the picnic but if I tagged with little bottle here it going to spill all over I should invent it hit a peg you