SEASOFT STEALTH™ Gloves in 3 mm and 5 mm


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hi I Bruce just eating with C softs cubed I want to talk to you about gloves because I mean everybody got gloves but not a lot of companies have great gloves and I think we have one of the best gloves if not the best glove that money can buy and I want to show it to you now there a few things that make gloves great and here one of them when you don have a seam across the poem when you have a seam right here that means that it going to be it can stretch a seam right there can stretch seems don stretch so it going to be narrow there and your hand is wide so when you go to put it on if it tight right there you going to have a hard time putting that glove on and when you don have a seam there watch how easy that glove slides on and again you know the second glove is always the toughest and if you don have the seam there I can just pull that second glove on as easy as can be and of course you know putting that strap on