SoundBot SB250 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Headphone Review


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Music hey everybody its Luke over Galaxy tech review and today we gonna go over the soundbot SB 250 he are a pair of bluetooth headphones that also can be converted as you can see on the side here two Bluetooth speakers so that is an interesting take on the bluetooth headphone genre that we have not seen before you can check these guys out at a steel of a price for 25 99 on Amazon I leave a link below where you can check that out and also leave a link to sound bot as well where you can check out their other products they have many products that you guys might be interested in and let get into this they do go over this boy yeah they do a support up to 33 standard range on bluetooth 33 feet they are foldable of course so that you can transport them they do have a built in microphone for calls they do top up to 24 hours of playback time because they do have a built in rechargeable one thousand milliamp rechargeable battery they also have a 3 5 millimeter aux audio port if you want to listen wired