M&S Summer Fashion Overhaul with Leonora Bamford and Amanda Vaughan-Lee


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hi I Leo from my Bubba and I here again with Amanda Warren Lee from Bo narrows kids calm which my favorite website I said this before we were doing a poll last week this is one of my favorite new websites it all about what children should be wearing and a mix of high street and then editor really the best of the high street brands we love and also discovery brands that we really believe in fantastic which there are so many of now on there so many growing so back to the high street we talking this week we willing the Sun to come out with the summer collection from Marks and Spencers so we got a bit of nostalgia here could you do your magic tell us what we should be putting our children in so we got a great edit here of really all you need to take on holiday especially for your little girl and also if the weather gets that everywhere that moment the weather gets better in England it be perfect perfect pieces to take away to the beach or giving away for the weekend so lots of color and lots of