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hey everyone it been a long time since I made a video but I decided to make one today I gonna be getting ready and I basically gonna put makeup on and close yay cuz I need to obviously I like wearing pyjamas right now okay so I got my makeup yes I have it in a box don judge I think it looks quite fancy actually and then I have my outfit that I going to wear which are these high waisted pants I got these from Poshmark if you guys don know what Poshmark is it like you get to upload your clothes and sell them and I been buying on there for probably a year now and I decided to sell on there so if you guys are interested in buying my clothes I will leave a link down below let me know if you guys sell in there to put your name and so I could see what you guys have I really looking into into vintage clothes lately and then I have this top that I going to wear today to it is Morrell USA I think it vintage too I been trying to put