Beauty Playlist February 18th 2013


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it the go to for the house so you know that you want to get beautiful prints happy Monday printers I hope you had a fabulous weekend welcome to my beauty playlist another episode of my beauty obsessions of the moment so to start with you may have noticed that I wearing rather a pink lip today it courtesy of Mac a chroma graphic pencil in process magenta and it was inspired by the recent Diane von Furstenberg show at new york fashion week where the models lips well painted in this product and there something about magenta I think which is really great at the moment in Australia as a trans seasonal by because technically it equal parts blue and red light which means it both cool and warm and that means that not only is it good for all skin tones but it also suits all situations whether that a dreary rainy day or really bright sunny one so um good one to keep in mind if you needing something new to take you into the next season like I said it some pencil and the thing with pencils is that you can wear them not just to