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Music everyone I mark and this is thermistor live welcome it 2017 I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday happy new year and this year we gonna do things a little bit different every month I gonna be with somebody different and special and today we have a very special guest one of our own a senior merchants Vanessa hello everyone so she should cuz she all about beauty and all about merchandising here at Dexter and I just don look blah that true so how was your New Year it was great yeah I had a lot of fun yeah um we didn do much but it was them Vanessa just got married yeah just so much tober October versa three months yeah coming down from the high of the wedding yes no still sore honeymoon phase okay good so tell us like what are some of your beauty routines after the holidays and all the stress that you been in well as I going into 2017 I definitely thinking about stf for my face all year round because when we went on our honeymoon I was not wearing SPF everyday and I just want to prepare it