Golf Club Review - Ping G LS Tec Driver


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I said Walters here at today I reviewing the pink G LS Tech driver solo spring technology driver in the brand new G Series range 2016 let have a look at the technology that gone into this head because it an incredible design let take a look my guy so looking at the technology that gone into the LS tach driver the low spin technology it key features are designed to reduce the amount of spin we get so we still got the ultra lightweight crown with the Dragonfly wing pattern design so we still got really good resistance to twist from the high moment of inertia optimized center of gravity and it extremely low in this driver the center of gravity is extremely low and it also positioned slightly further forward than that of the GE driver so this helps high launch and go to low spin ratio so we can maximize our launch conditions make sure that we get the best spin possible so the lowest amount of spin so we can get the ball going with great penetration more distance that what the design is 4 so the turbulator system on the top the vortex technology is