Viewer Request: Lathe Dust Collection Pipe - Woodturning - Tom Stratton


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hey again I just wanted to shoot a really quick little video about this dust pipe dust collector here at the lathe and oddly this is the most asked thing in all the comments or all the videos more people are interested in this than anything else in fact some samples about my turning and this pipe came from a supplier in the UK called Axminster and as you can see it made up of lots of little discs little tiny pipes and that allows it to move in so many different directions it really flexible and yet its firm at the same time the dust port on the end isn overly large but the advantage of being so flexible flexible I can move it right up to the work so you know you can be small I put a little grill over the end here just stop bits of sandpaper sinking up inside and getting lost and that happened to me a few times and I have that mounted on the lathe and it just a bar that runs underneath and a home made nut on the top was just tightens it down and locks it in place I