Norton 360 6.0 Full Product Review


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Titus P P spot today I going to review knowing 360 version 6 point know which is the new version I celestica start here is the main interface of knowing 366 point 0 which is different from the other version and this I like which is new that it have is in the version 5 0 you can type in a URL and it got a directs you to Noren safe web web site and tells you whether the link is safe or not and if has any malwani or phishing attempts and also I user reviews which a lot of people i have noticed that don really view the website bless is a really popular website and also he enter a search term and that searches do no one safe web and you have some opt over here you get the mobile knowing mobile internet security which i used is pretty good looks like it kills the battery a little more than not using it so i don use it on my phone personally he is it options for peace of charity run skin run live update managed firewall run to an insight try to incite basically with this