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hi everybody when most people think of Aston Martin the first cars they think about have a v8 or a v12 big engines the car we going to look at today is the Signet it the new city car the little baby Signet has a 1 3 3 liter i 4 engine that good for about 98 brake horsepower not exactly the most powerful thing in the world but here what it sounds like so what the Signet like inside well it got quite a lot of nice finishes we obviously got the Aston Martin leather seats steering wheel there a lovely piece of equipment the dials very smart got the built in sat nav system up here the out the whole interior is quite a lot smarter than the original Toyota iQ on which this car is based of course but then again it not the same as sitting in a normal Aston not what you would associate with the 177 or the DBS for example the baby Aston Signet well it no big Aston but it pretty fun car nipping around the city it gets around pretty well but then again it 35 000 pounds or so after