Lethal Crew member Wayne Gast Jr with a Grim Reaper Broadheads double doe bow kill.


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lethal injection outdoors well it right before muzzleloader season here in Maryland it a little bit chilly and we knew the deer would probably move early doing a little doe management one came in put the grim reaper to work she dropped right down in the field that how you get lethal it big yeah tell me when stop it well we just shot the one and turned back around here another one coming out so just put arrow in that one and circled around look like it was hit pretty good hopefully we get down and find two of them lethal injection outdoors well you came in here tonight got my dad behind a camera sacrificed his height hunt tonight to film me and we did what we came to do put two nice mature dough on the ground this one ran a little further than the other one but grim reaper broad head went up inside there and did the trick so these deer came directly from downwind of us we both wearing the exact same scent blocker suits the deer came up the hill directly downwind from us came right down in front of us and the