Milani Cosmetics Hypnotic Eye Toppers – Review, Photos, Video & Swatches (First Overview)


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all right lovebugs so here the deal Milani cosmetics are launching these hypnotic lights these are their eye Stoppers and they gonna be available April 23rd at Milani cosmetics calm now I wanted to show you the colors and really give you as much of a detail as I can give you in this really quick overview video so these are at high impact a dual chrome eye top over the shimmering finish so you can layer it on top of an eyeshadow to give it more of a dazzling popping effect or you can wear it alone just so that you have this wash of glitter it is a water based formula that dries quickly and you gonna have very minimal fallout now typically you know I used these top type of eye Stoppers and many of my different looks obviously I use it a lot in my lip looks as well so let take a look Milani actually has five of these that are available that are coming out and the first one we going to look at this one here this is called starlight and the description here says that it a shimmering dual chrome opal what